A Theory about Movies, by Consumed Mind.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

     Acting is one admirable field. It is intriguing how a person can impersonate a different character and takes them to the extreme. It is a very admirable ability to be able to lose every reminiscence of yourself and take a different form. That is something I don’t know if I can do. However, this is not my problem with movies. The problem I see in movies is that there is, for a lack of better expression, a barrier between what happens in the movies and the viewers’ thoughts and beliefs. A viewer is given the perspective of the main characters. The editing of the scenes makes the view support this perspective, even if they think that, in reality, the main character is evil. They make the viewer roots for them, and there is no way you can change what is happening inside the movie. As absurd as it might be, most of the people do not have the ability to question what they see, especially kids.

I am not trying to talk about the dangers of movies on kids, but I am trying to establish a thought on how we consume movies. A popular saying on the internet is “I finished watching a series, and now I don’t know what to do with my life.” Hahah–we laughed. But actually, there is a fundamental observation that lies in here. As a person who experienced depression, not severely alhamduliEllah,  I could see some angle of it. I used to watch movies to experience other people’s life. I watched movies to be able to add to my experiences without having to leave home. I watched one after the other, and I watched series too.  I saw a seen that I morally completely disagree with. The movie showed the seen as moral and desirable. Then I thought about it. I realized that watching movies has not only exhausted me spiritually and morally. It consumed me intellectually, and hindered me socially. Many ideas were forced on me through watching single-lens movies. I started watching the movies with open eyes. Guess what? It is not as fun. It is still enjoyable when you relax and not think about it. You can see that a good majority of the ideas in those movies are based on false beliefs and dangerous ideals.

Here is a conversation that might be related.

I talked to a classmate whom some people ridiculed for being careless about classes. I got concerned because I know where this might come from, but I said nothing.  I talked to him at the end of the semester, and it turned out he suffered from kind of depression. I hope it is not sever. After exams, I contacted him to see how he was doing, he told me “great”. I said, “don’t watch movies”. He asked, “did I tell you I watch a lot of movies? Because I do.” I told him, “no  you didn’t. You didn’t have to; I know how it feels.” He said, “yes, it is like an escape from reality,” which I agreed on. I found that writing thoughts and arranging them are way better than avoiding them. Those thoughts might come handy late in life, at least in helping a colleague.


May Allah grants us all guidance. If I made a mistake, it is from myself and the shaytan (satan), and if I was correct it is surely from Allah.




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