Silver Glass in the Mighty Qura’an.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

By the Name of Allah, Who acts upon His Mercy, and Who is Most Merciful


I read the Quraan, from time to time, alhamdu liEllah. I try as much as I can to understand the meaning of the Qura’an; for it is the words of Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the lands. Needless to say, the meanings are wonderful and breath taking. It makes your mind ponder, and calms the believer’s soul and heart.

I was reading in the Qura’an, in Suarah number 76, Soratul Insan (the Human). I read the Ayah number 16, where Allah Almighty says: ” قوارير من فضّة قدّروها تقديرا ” which means, “Glasses made of Silver that was literally done with precision”.

The word “literally” is in bold because it is not exactly there in the text. But the Ayah has what we call in Arabic grammar, المفعول المطلق or the absolute object. In English it would sound strange, but an example of it might be “I ran running”. So, even though the verb run is usally used without an object, there is an absolute (gramatical) object which is the running itself, which is an object since I did the running. What, in Arabic, is this form of seemingly useless repetition used for? It is used to emphisize that the sentence is literal, and that there is rhetoric used in the sentence (or at least the part where the repetition is). So, I began my pondering of the Aayh.

I learned that glass is made of sand, made of the silica in the sand. But I didn’t know that silver can be used in the making of glass. But I have a former experience with researching the Ayat the Qura’an and discovering amazing facts that I should live by and adhere to as much as I can. So, I didn’t have doubts, but rather curiousity of what that means, and why is it amazing. (It worth saying that the Ayah (or verse as some say) was mentioned in the context of the blessings of the people of paradise). What I found was amazing.

I found that there is sometypes of glass that is used to make medical equipments, and that type of glass contains Silver. If it is made with the correct ratio, which is very critical as I understood, the silver-containing glass will have antibacterial property. That is why it is used for medical purposes. Here is a paper that shows a part of the story (which took me multiple trial to find, but I couldn’t find the one that is more detailed):

There is absolutely no reason for people to say that Qura’an is “unscientific” except arrogance. That I also learned from the Qura’an, and went about to examine to find it absolutely correct. I have more things to share, but I hope everybody goes out of their way to read and understand Qura’an.

Subhan Allah wa bihamdih.


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